We have more than 4 decades of experience and know-how in the trading of technical goods. Through years of lifelong exclusive partnerships with prestigious European brands and our own private labels (Ergo & Eurofit series), we offer a wide range of technical product ranges, that we constantly renew & enrich.

  • 10,000 SKUS in stock at all times
  • Continuous market research for competitive & integrated product ranges
  • Continuous investment in new products that are aligned with global trends.
  • All the products we distribute conform with the EU legislations. They all feature product codes & barcodes and include guidelines in several languages, including Greek
  • Plenty display options of all product ranges we carry in stock based on your stores’ size & special needs.

Integrated furnishing and equipment solutions for technical stores

Whether the project at hand is a whole or partial renovation or it involves the design of a new technical store from scratch, Voyatzoglou Systems team is active, consistent and reliable at every step of the way.

In order for a technical store to be successful; product ranges of high quality do not suffice. What is additionally required is their proper visibility, which in turn produces added value.

Here is where our specialized branch of Shop Fitting contributes significantly. With many years of know-how and numerous projects, Voyatzoglou Systems designs functional and stylish stores that exude the different corporate identity that each business strives for.

Voyatzoglou Systems, being Tegometall‘s exclusive partner in Greece, is in position to offer the best possible shelving solution for all types of Technical stores.

Tegometall shelving systems are recognized for their excellent manufacturing quality, durability and flexibility as they can be easily adapted to any space (small or large).

Every square meter matters!

When designing a technical store, our primary concern is to market every square meter in order to deliver the maximum performance in your store.

Wide range of accessories

A hardware, DIY and paint store sell product ranges that have specific display and storage needs, for all of which we offer specialized solutions.

Tegometall’s shelving systems have the advantage of receiving a wide range of accessories such as, special hooks, suspension bars, special drawers, perforated backrests, cabinets that can accommodate all types of products.

In addition, the company provides the widest available range of products which help the retailer optimize the operation of his/her store. Such systems provide solutions in organizing, labeling, displaying or moving merchandise around the store.

Flexibility & Life span

We live in an era of ever-changing markets; evidently a store’s needs change in a similar fashion. Tegometalls’ shelving is ergonomic as it can be transported and modified with great ease, to cater to your stores’ present and future needs!

We offer:




Functional Store - Efficient promotion & signage

Congratulations, the customer is in your store! Now, how do you make sure that in every one of his visits you have secured the largest possible shopping cart?

How will your client navigate in your store, so that he can easily find what he is looking for but also proceed with a spontaneous purchase?

Well thought out product categorization and displays turn a visitor to a returning loyal customer.

The combination of our experience in technical equipment stores and their display systems, as well as our knowledge of consumer behavior in a shop, makes us the ideal partner for the creation of your technical store.

In addition to Tegometalls' shelving system that we strongly recommend, we work on meticulous product categorization and on point of sale marketing. In Voyatzoglou Systems; we strive for the optimum solution!

Doing so, we strengthen:

  • Your store’s image & organization.
  • Awareness for the brands you carry in your store.
  • Easy stock control.
  • Customer appeal that boosts sales.

Time is Money.

We face every renovation or opening of a new store as if it were our own investment. And it is!

Because your success is ours too!

For this reason, our main concern is not only the perfect result but also the quick completion and delivery of your store.

The high level of products and services we provide is complemented by competitive prices.

Vast stock availability in our state of the art distribution center

Systematic planning that consistently supports all of our partnerships and ensures a smooth flow of products and information.

  • Organization & timely distribution and delivery of our goods.
  • Customer service with prompt response to each partner's needs.

Continuous marketing

In each partnership we provide all the necessary equipment for effective promotion and advertising of your products. We are partners - our goal is to help you make quick turn around on the products we supply. That's why we're constantly investing in:

  • Tools to facilitate our collaboration such as our B2B Online Ordering Platform.
  • Printed material - We provide promotional, seasonal brochures, targeted to your customers.
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Photographic material & Audio-visual material (with Greek subtitles) for all our products.
  • Newsletters with readymade templates to reach your customers online and electronic display banners to post on your social media.
  • Regular visits to your store by our sales consultants, so your customer can always find your shelves fully stocked & organized - "merchandising services".