Since 1954, the brand ELEMENT SYSTEM stands for flexibly usable shelf systems in private spaces – from the cellar to the attic, from the garage to the hobby room.

Flexible & useful shelve and equipment systems

As an expansive and internationally geared company from the Do-it-yourself industry, they use their know-how worldwide in over 60 countries. All of their products are developed in Germany, a majority of them are also produced in Germany.


since 1954


during setting up and application


towards environment

There is a handyman in every person.

Those who decide for Element System in the hardware store are making the correct selection. Their product assortment is cleverly thought-out and can be quickly and simply built by every person without a lot of manual knowledge.

Safe and sustainable.

Element products guarantee high stability and safety without causing an unnecessary burden to the environment. Element uses modern environment-friendly technologies during the production. A circulatory system with its own water treatment plant ensures that there is almost no paint waste. Furthermore, all steel waste made during production is reused and their packaging is completely recyclable.


Product categories and their store applications.

  • Wall shelves
  • Clips & cantilever brackets
  • Metal shelves & baskets
  • Bookends
  • Support parts
  • Shelf support system “LADDER”
  • Warehouse organization
  • Tool storage
  • Table legs
  • Tool suspension sets

ΤÜV certification & 10 years manufacturer's guarantee

DIY ELEMENT SYSTEM GmbH guarantees for the stability and quality of its product systems without affecting nor polluting the environment.


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